Fossil Is Releasing A Hybrid Version Of The Gen 6 Watch

Fossil is releasing a new watch soon called the Gen 6 Hybrid. It’ll be the best of both worlds for those who want some smart features, but overall, a more traditional watch. Fossil doesn’t appear to have announced full availability yet. But according to Droid Life the watch will hit stores on June 27 with a starting price of $229. That price will afford you the choice of leather or silicone straps. Or you could step up to the $249 model which has varying metal options.

While the company doesn’t list off a full set of specs or anything like that, the device’s landing page does reveal a handful of features.

The Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watch will have a two-week battery life

Fossil smartwatches are some of the more popular Wear OS options around, but like any other Wear OS watch their battery life isn’t great. This is where the Gen 6 Hybrid will have a leg up on Fossil’s other devices. Fossil is promising up to two weeks of battery life on a single charge.

It does however depend on the style you choose and how you use the watch. That being said, we don’t expect there to be that much variance in battery life where it’ll deplete to as little as what’s offered on the Gen 6. Which is up to two days.

In addition to the up to two-week battery, the Gen 6 Hybrid will also come with the more basic smart features. Phone call and text notifications, step counting, heart rate monitoring, and more. It even comes with support For Alexa and because of the display that looks like E-Ink it’ll be easy to read outdoors in direct sunlight.

So far it looks like the Gen 6 Hybrid will come in a few different styles. This includes black, silver, and rose gold stainless steel watch cases. While the bands as mentioned above will come in a variety of colors and materials. Including leather, silicone, and metal.

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